Alumni profiles

Alumni profiles

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WEHI's alumni community currently includes more than 1500 past staff and students.

We like to catch up with alums and find out what they are now working on and about their time at the Institute.

Zoe's Fight

Associate Professor Misty Jenkins teams up with Zoe’s Fight Foundation to help bring hope to patients diagnosed with Brain Cancer.

James McCoy

James joined WEHI an honours student and went on to do his PhD before moving abroad and then returning to Australia in 2021.


Alvin LoAlvin Lo

Alvin joined WEHI in 2018 as Senior Biologics Research Fellow, managing the implementation of advanced antibody technologies.

Jacqui Waterkeyn

Jacqui was a postdoctoral research fellow in infectious diseases at WEHI, before moving into regulatory affairs who now juggles two roles.

Rima Darwiche

At WEHI Rima worked as a Clinical Research Manager, these days she is the CEO of a start-up called Central Pharmacy Logistics. 

Sebastian Carotta

At WEHI Sebastian was working with Professor Don Metcalf, regarded as the ‘father of modern haematology’. Fast forward almost a decade and Sebastian is working in Vienna in the Cancer Research and Cancer Immunology Department at Boehringer Ingelheim

Profile photo of Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Reflecting upon her time at WEHI, Emma recalls the excitement she felt when she sat down at the fluorescence microscope.

Profile photo of Donmienne Leung

Donmienne Leung

At WEHI Donmienne fell in love with research and gained valuable experience at the bench. 

Profile photo of Helen McRae

Helen McRae

Helen first joined WEHI through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Profile photo of Jessica Bridgford

Jessica Bridgford

One of Jessica's proudest achievements at WEHI was publishing a high-impact paper which appeared in the journal Blood.

Samantha Oakes
(alum 2008-2012)

Samantha is passionate about finding better ways to treat the most aggressive forms of cancer.

Paul Cooper
(alum 1979-1983)

Paul reflects on his time working under the late Don Metcalf.

Greg Menzies
(alum 1987-2015)

In his time at the Institute, Greg salvaged two marble busts of Walter and Eliza Hall.

Marthe D'Ombrain
(alum 2001-2013)

Marthe is passionate about bringing new, transformative medicines to patients.

Johanna Simkin
(alum 2013-2014)

As Senior Curator, Human Biology and Medicine, Museums Victoria, Johanna incorporates her scientific background with a love of the arts..

Derek Lacey
(alum 2014-2017)

Derek applied his scientific background when he founded a yeast business.

Elizabeth Murchison
(alum 2001-2002)

Elizabeth goal is to understand how transmissible cancers in dogs and Tasmanian devils arise.  

Robyn Schenk
(alum 2014-2018)

Robyn investigates the transcriptional regulation of B cells and plasma cells, and finds time to produce a science podcast and do stand-up. 

Rhodri Ceredig
(alum 1977-1980)

Rhodri looks back on the long and winding road to get to the Institute.

Lynn Corcoran

Lynn looks back on a 38-year career at the Institute.

Graham Mitchell (alum 1966-69, 1973-90)

In a science career spanning more than half a century, Dr Graham Mitchell AO has left an indelible mark on many aspects of Institute life.

Alum, Luke Williams
Luke Williams

Luke combines his passion for Indigenous education and research to investigate Aboriginal knowledge systems of traditional food preparationte.

Li Wu (alum 1987-2010)

After 23 years at WEHI, Li Wu is now Professor of Immunology and the Associate Dean of Tsinghua University, School of Medicine in Beijing.

Somya Mehra (alum years 2017-2019)

Somya is doing her Master of Science degree in maths as well as working as a bioinformatician at the Burnet Institute.

Alumni reunion

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2019 Beijing alumni reunion

In October 2019, some 30 alumni gathered in a restaurant in Beijing to dine and reconnect with each other and Institute staff.