Antibody services

Antibody services

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Our antibody facility services include:

  • Production of monoclonal antibodies

  • Production of polyclonal antibodies

  • ELISA assays for quantification of antibody titre

  • Cloning hybridomas by limiting dilutions

  • Purification of monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma supernatant

  • Screening of fusion supernatant by ELISA

  • Screening of antibodies using western blots

  • Provision of fusion supernatant to researchers for screening by immunofluorescence and FACS analysis

  • Isotyping of monoclonal antibody supernatants

  • Adaption of cell lines to media suitable for growing in bioreactors

  • In vitro production of monoclonal antibodies using bioreactor technology

  • Monoclonal antibody purification from bioreactor supernatants

  • Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies (FITC, Pacific Blue, APC, HRP, Biotin. Alexafluors)

  • Antibody production: 1-10 mg, 10-50 mg, 50-500 mg

  • Thawing, culturing and preparing cell freezings for shipping or long term storage

  • Mycoplasma testing of cell lines


Kaye Wycherley, Head, Antibody Services
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Biotechnology Centre
4 Research Ave, LaTrobe University, Bundoora 3086
P +61 3 9345 2286
F +61 3 9345 2211