Advanced Technology and Biology

Advanced Technology and Biology

Nikon N-STORM microscope
Our division uses advanced and emerging technologies to accelerate scientific discoveries.

Our technologies include:

With these technological advances and powerful computational resources we’re working to obtain new insights for advancing medical research explaining how diseases develop, spread and respond to treatment.

Health impact


Immune health and infection: malaria, rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, vaccines

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Division head

Associate Professor Kelly Rogers

Facility and lab heads

Dr Rory Bowden

Dr Marija Dramicanin

Dr Kym Lowes

Mr Simon Monard

Ms Ellen Tsui

Associate Professor Andrew Webb

Ms Kaye Wycherley

Division coordinator

Kristal Figiel


In this video, mitochondria are coloured red, and DNA is marked in green. As the mitochondria start to die, they begin to ball up, before releasing the DNA which we see as green spots appearing outside the mitochondria.

Lattice light sheet microscope

Optical microscopy has become one of the most powerful tools in medical research.

WEHI's Centre for Dynamic Imaging is advancing our understanding of how diseases develop, spread and respond to treatment.