Scientist in lab holding sample tubes
The Immunology division investigates how immune responses are regulated. Our aim is to improve vaccine performance, treatment of autoimmune and immunodeficient conditions and develop ways to use the immune system to target cancer cells.

Health impact

Cancers: leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma

Immune disorders: allergy, coeliac disease, lupus, primary immune deficiencies, transplantation, type 1 diabetes

Infectious diseases: influenza, vaccines

Other areas: personalised medicine

Division news

Division head

Professor Phil Hodgkin

Lab heads

Dr Bob Anderson, honorary

Associate Professor Daniel Gray (jointly with Molecular Genetics of Cancer division)

Dr Joanna Groom (jointly with Molecular Immunology division)

Associate Professor Edwin Hawkins

Dr Misty Jenkins

Professor Andrew Lew

Emeritus Professor Jacques Miller

Dr Shalin Naik (jointly with Molecular Medicine division)

Professor Ken Shortman

Dr Jason Tye-Din

Division coordinator

Kim McIntosh