Business Development internship group

Business Development Internship

Our Business Development Internship Program aims to provide scientists with a solid grounding in technology transfer and business development. Technology transfer and business development skills are essential in translating research from the laboratory to the clinic. These skills are highly valued aspects of contemporary research culture, this program offers a competitive edge in a global environment.

The Institute was the first medical research organisation in Australia to offer a business development internship. The concept has since been adapted by Molecules to Medicine (M2M), enabling over 15 medical research organisations to offer similar programs.

Interns receive training in five core areas:

  • Opportunity identification and analysis

  • Intellectual property management

  • Technology marketing communication

  • Agreements

  • Technology transfer administration

Practical training is provided internally; theoretical training is gained through M2M seminars.

For more information about Molecules to Medicine Victorian Program.

Catalyst Fund

Our Catalyst Fund provides financial support for proof-of-concept experiments, the funds primary objectives are:

  • Bridging the translational funding gap for investment in proof-of-concept experiments.
  • Creating greater intellectual property value.
  • Stimulating and strengthening the Institute’s ability to translate knowledge into beneficial outcomes.