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For more than 100 years, our suppliers have been helping WEHI make landmark discoveries, playing a key role in our success by supporting ethical business practices and underpinning essential operational and research activities.

At the heart of WEHI’s procurement is a fair, transparent, and equitable process, by which supplier proposals are evaluated to ensure that all procurement is conducted in the best interests of WEHI and our community.

Key documents:

How we procure 

WEHI procures goods and services from Australian and global suppliers. Our Procurement team manages this complex procurement process collaboratively, considering purchases for end users while balancing a range of important factors:

  • Lowest price, value for money and total cost of ownership
  • Optimisation of resources
  • Quality and supplier performance 
  • Technological and scientific merits
  • Risk 
  • Economic, social, and environmental impacts
  • How the procurement will affect WEHI’s reputation and standing as a world class medical research institute, and progress towards sustainable development

Culture, diversity and sustainability

WEHI is committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity, and through our procurement practices are dedicated to improving gender equity, contributing to reconciliation, and reducing modern slavery in global supply chains.

We have a strict Code of Conduct for our suppliers, to ensure this commitment is supported and works in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions

In addition, as part of our commitment to increasing our supplier diversity we are a proud member of Supply Nation, the peak Australian body for supporting and promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. 

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