Common questions about gifts in Wills

Common questions about gifts in Wills

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Do I have to be wealthy to leave a gift in my Will?

Not at all. All gifts received, no matter the size or amount, contribute to the important work and research conducted at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Whatever you can afford will be used for something important and tangible. 

Including a gift to Institute doesn’t affect how much money you need to provide for old age. Your estate is calculated on whatever is left after you die. And, if you specify your gift as a residuary gift, it will only be paid after all other gifts you leave to your loved ones have been fulfilled.

Wouldn’t it be better to donate now rather than later?

Both options are great. Many people who leave a legacy to the Institute also support our research through donations during their lifetime. Others use their Wills to support our scientists and their important research for the first time.

What will my family think?

Your Will is a reflection of what matters to you, and for most people, that is their family and friends. We believe you should look after the people you care about before you consider a gift to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute or other charity.

Including a gift in your Will to the Institute doesn’t stop you doing that, especially if the gift is made from whatever remains after all your gifts to loved ones have been made.

Can I choose how my gift will be used?

Yes. Most people leave their gift without specific conditions so that it can be used wherever it will have the greatest effect. Given the nature of medical research, it can be hard to predict where that might be in the years ahead.

However, if there is a particular area of research that has special significance for you, we are more than happy to discuss the different options available.

Can I add a gift to an existing Will?

In most cases, yes. You can use a codicil to add a gift to an existing Will, or to change an instruction in it. We recommend you use a solicitor to do this to make sure it’s legal and fits with the other provisions and gifts in your Will. 

Do I need to tell the Institute about a gift I’m leaving?

You don’t have to, but telling us provides us the opportunity to say thank you, and to keep you informed of our work. It also enables us to understand the reason behind your gift and how you’d like it to be used. Rest assured, your privacy will be respected.

What if I change my mind about leaving a gift to the Institute?

We understand that circumstances can change. You are free to change your mind at any time.


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