Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations

Ahmad Wardak working in a lab

Grants from philanthropic trusts and foundations play a critical role in supporting those areas of medical research that do not typically receive government support.

Examples include:

  • Purchase of research equipment.
  • Enabling “proof of concept” projects that allow a researcher to collect enough data to qualify for a government grant.
  • Funding the early phases of a new treatment trial.
  • Supporting early career researchers as they develop a track record.
  • Backing innovative and experimental research.

Case study: a trust to tackle tuberculosis

The Harold and Cora Brennen Trust recently helped the institute purchase a Glas Col TB Inhalation Exposure System, which will significantly advance our research into new treatments for tuberculosis (TB).

In 2012 alone TB was responsible for more than one million deaths. One third of the world’s population is infected with TB.

The new equipment allows our researchers to safely replicate TB in its human infectious form by creating clouds of Mycobacterium tuberculosis inside a sealed vacuum container. With the help of the Harold and Cora Brennan Trust, our scientists can now test new treatments for killing the bacteria.

Private Ancillary Funds

The institute also welcomes donations and grants from Prescribed Ancillary Funds (PAFs). A PAF is a form of charitable trust that enables donors to realise their philanthropic goals while also establishing an enduring legacy.

See where your donation goes

We invite donors and their families to visit the institute and meet with our researchers. Donations can be aligned with the area of research that reflects family interests.

For a confidential, no obligation discussion, please contact Philanthropic Grants Manager Jane Turner on or +61 3 9345 2840.