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Masters is a two-year postgraduate course that allows students to extend their capabilities in the practice and theories of medical research.

From 2020 the Institute will offer a Masters of Biomedical Science program that allows students to undertake a substantial research project while broadening their skills through coursework.

We also offer research training to University of Melbourne Masters of Science students in certain fields, particularly bioinformatics and computational biology

Our research teams host students undertaking the research component of University of Melbourne Masters of Science courses, typically:

Interested students should contact the relevant course coordinator to discuss entry requirements and research opportunities.

You can also view examples of student projects offered by our research teams.


Masters of Biomedical Science and Master of Science students who undertake a project at the Institute for research course credit and have an H2A or above academic standard in their previous year may be eligible for the Alan W Harris Scholarship. This provides each student with an allowance of $5000, paid while undertaking the course.