Celebrating 25 years of Art of Science

Celebrating 25 years of Art of Science

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September 2022
Art of Science, our annual showcase of the marvellous images produced by WEHI students and staff during their research, will be unveiled in October.

'At ease' by Bianca Capaldo

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the competition and exhibition initiated by Professor Suzanne Cory, then Director of WEHI, in 1997.

Guest judge for the 2022 competition is Corey Tutt OAM, founder of Indigenous science education enterprise DeadlyScience (see Brighter Together), who has praised all the finalists for the beauty of their images and their power to illustrate the complexity and fragility of life and the promise of medical research.

Winners in the still and moving image categories will be revealed when the online, interactive gallery goes live in October.

In a new collaboration for Art of Science, an original 15-minute soundscape for the virtual gallery has been specially commissioned from students in the Interactive Composition program at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne.

Visitors to the virtual gallery will also have a chance to vote for their favourite artwork in the People’s Choice award.

Head to www.wehi.edu.au/artofscience from Friday 21 October to explore the 2022 exhibition.

Super Content: 
Animation still showing cells changing

Our biomedical animation team explains the discoveries made by scientists through 3D animation.

Lattice light sheet microscope

Optical microscopy has become one of the most powerful tools in medical research.

WEHI's Centre for Dynamic Imaging is advancing our understanding of how diseases develop, spread and respond to treatment.