James Murphy - Lab team

James Murphy - Lab team

Lab team

Joanne Hildebrand, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BBiomedSc(Hons) Melbourne PhD Melbourne
Project: Understanding the biological regulation of MLKL and its role in necroptotic cell death

André Samson, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) Monash PhD Monash (with Associate Professor Edwin Hawkins)
Project: MLKL, necroptosis and IBD

Chris Horne, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) Canterbury PhD Canterbury
Project: Structural biology of necroptosis signalling

Katherine Davies, Research Officer, BSc Melbourne PhD Melbourne (with Associate Professor Peter Czabotar)
Project: MLKL and necroptosis

Alexandra Gurzau, Research Officer, BBiomed Melbourne PhD Melbourne (with Professor Marnie Blewitt)
Project: Smchd1

Daniel Frank, PhD Student, BBiomedSc(Hons) Melbourne (with Dr James Vince, Dr Jarrod Sandow and Professor David Vaux)
Project: MLKL and autophagy; RIPK3 and necroptosis

Huimin Hu, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) Nanjing (with Professor Guillaume Lessene and Dr Kelly Rogers)
Project: Imaging MLKL in cells

Megan Iminitoff, PhD Student, MSc Auckland (with Professor Marnie Blewitt)
Project: Smchd1 in Prader-Willi and Schaff-Yang Syndromes

Annette Jacobsen, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) Melbourne BBiomedSc Charles Sturt (with Professor John Silke)
Project: MLKL and necroptosis

Lung-Yu Liang, PhD Student, BSc Taiwan MSc Melbourne (with Associate Professor Isabelle Lucet and Dr Onisha Patel)
Project: Pseudokinases

Yanxiang Meng, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) Canterbury (with Associate Professor Peter Czabotar and Dr Jarrod Sandow)
Project: RIPK3 and MLKL

Catia Pierotti, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) Melbourne (with Professor Guillaume Lessene and Dr Mark van Delft)
Project: Chemical probes to study necroptosis

Ted Wang, PhD student, BSc(Hons) Monash (with Associate Professor Brad Turner and Dr Linda Lau, Florey Institute)
Project: Necroptosis in ALS

Cheree Fitzgibbon, Research Assistant, BAppSc(Hons) LaTrobe PhD LaTrobe
Project: MLKL and RIPK3

Jane Murphy, Laboratory Manager for Inflammation division

Pradnya Gangatirkar, Research Assistant, MSc Nagpur

Komal Patel, Research Assistant

Samuel Young, Research Assistant, BSc ANU, BMus(Hons) ANU
Project: MLKL, Smchd1

Wayne Cawthorne, Career Tracker Student (with Dr André Samson)
Project: Imaging necroptosis