Jane Visvader-Projects

Jane Visvader-Projects


Dissection of the mammary stem cell and progenitor compartments

Microscopic architechture of the developing mamary glandThis project involves lineage tracing and transplantation studies, state of the art 3D imaging and the analysis of targeted models for defects in the stem/progenitor cell compartment. The importance of developmental pathways in establishing the hierarchy at different stages will also be investigated, by the specific ablation of cell types using cre-loxP and diphtheria toxin technologies.

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Generation of genetically engineered models to identify cells of origin of breast cancer

This involves the generation of oncogene and tumour suppressor-driven models, as well as the tracking of the earliest events in neoplasia by lineage tracing in combination with 3D imaging. Multiple models of oncogenesis have been generated for the analysis of the preneoplastic and neoplastic phases, at both the cellular and molecular levels.

Use of preclinical patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of breast cancer

We have established a large bank of PDX models that represent the various subtypes of breast cancer and recapitulate the primary tumour in the patient. These represent powerful pre-clinical models for testing novel therapies (eg BCL-2 family inhibitors), exploring the metastasis and cancer stem cells. This work has the potential of identifying new biomarkers and therapeutic targets for breast cancer.

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