Jerry Adams-Achievements

Jerry Adams-Achievements

Selected achievements


2014 Macfarlane Burnet Lecture and Medal, Australian Academy of Science

2014 Fellow, Academy of the American Association for Cancer Research

2008 Member of the US National Academy of Sciences

2007 Associate Member of European Molecular Biology Organization

1992 Fellow, Royal Society (London)

1986 Fellow, Australian Academy of Science


Grants and funding

2001-2022 Specialized Center of Research Grants (consecutive), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, USA 

2003-2021 Program Grants (consecutive), NHMRC

2002-2017 Research Fellowships (Senior Professional Research Fellow), NHMRC

2001, 2011 Equipment and Infrastructure Grants, Australian Cancer Research Foundation

1999 - 2010 Project Grant (R01), National Institutes of Health (NCI), USA


Service to the community

Australian Cancer Research Foundation Medical Research Advisory Committee

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA Ad hoc Editor

Oncogene Editorial Board

Genes & Development Editorial Board