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Leigh Coultas-Resources



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  • Watson EC, Koenig MN, Grant ZL, Whitehead L, Trounson E, Dewson G, Coultas L. Apoptosis regulates endothelial cell number and capillary vessel diameter but not vessel regression during retinal angiogenesis. Development. 2016 Jul 28. PMID: 27471260.

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Art of Science competition

  • Winner, Art of Science 2016

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Electric Daisy by Ms Zoe Grant, Dr Leigh Coultas and Ms Evelyn Trounson


Super Content: 
Microscopy image of liver cells

An annual exhibition showcasing the beautiful and bizarre images created and captured by Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists.

Lattice light sheet microscope

Why optical microscopy has become one of the most powerful tools in medical research.