Marc Pellegrini-Achievements

Marc Pellegrini-Achievements


2012, Eureka Prize, Australian Museum 

2010, Frank Fenner Award, Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases

2010, Research Excellence and Achievement Award, NHMRC

2009, Metcalf Leadership Award, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Grants and funding 

2014-2017, Four project grants, NHMRC

2014-2017, License agreement, TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals

2014, Phyllis Connor Memorial Trust, Equity Trustees

2013, Harold and Cora Brennen Benevolent Trust, Equity Trustees

Service to the community

Member Human Research and Ethics Committee, Melbourne Health

Member Biosafety Committee, Austin Health


Super Content: 
Researcher working in office

Sylvia and Charles Viertel Fellowship to support Professor Marc Pellegrini's research into HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis B