Professor Melissa Davis

Professor Melissa Davis



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BSc, PhD Queensland

Joint Division Head


All living things process information in a variety of forms, such as the genetic information contained in genes and the genome, information on the health and life-stage of an individual, and information about the environment in which organisms exist. To survive, organisms need to process and respond to this information efficiently and accurately.

The Davis Laboratory seeks to understand how networks of molecular interactions process biological information at the genetic and cellular level in both normal cells and cancer.

Research interest

The Davis Laboratory studies the regulatory networks that control the behaviour of cells in normal and cancerous tissues. We approach these questions with a suite of computational techniques that include classical bioinformatics methods, knowledge-based modelling, machine learning, and network analysis.

Our current focus is understanding the signalling and regulatory networks that underpin epithelial-mesenchymal transitions in breast cancer. Our work in this space is part of the EMPathy Breast Cancer Network, and is funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Dr Joseph Cursons and Associate Professor Melissa Davis have discovered how molecules cooperate to make cancer cells less aggressive.