Peter Gibbs-Projects

Peter Gibbs-Projects


Circulating tumour DNA studies (multiple)

Prospective, randomized studies in stage II colon (n=450), stage III colon (n=1000), rectal (n=408) and pancreas cancer (n=250), where patients are randomized to ctDNA informed treatment or to standard of care. Each study utilizes ctDNA analysis to define recurrence risk and to guide adjuvant therapy decision making.

Team members: Studies are led by Jeanne Tie (colorectal cancer) and Belinda Lee (pancreas cancer) and supported by Project Managers Matt Chapman, Siavash Foroughi, Marlyse Debrincat, Tina Cavicchiolo, Karen Matoga and Nicole Ng. 

Tumour registries (multiple)

Clinical registries collecting comprehensive treatment and outcome data for multiple tumour types (colorectal, pancreas, breast, prostate, brain, bladder, testicular and gastro-esophageal cancers) are being led by Institute clinicians. Data is being collected at multiple hospitals throughout Australia and internationally and being utilised in a broad range of projects.

Team members: Registries are led by Hui Li Wong (colorectal), Belinda Lee (pancreas), Ben Tran (prostate, brain, bladder and testicular), Lucy Gately (brain) and Margaret Lee (gastro-esophageal) and supported by Project Managers Michael Harold, Julie Johns, and Maria Edmonds.

Organoid projects (multiple)

Efforts have been established in colorectal, pancreas and brain cancers to develop a resource of tumour organoids with matching comprehensive treatment and outcome data, with a view to use in discovery research and to personalise cancer care.

Working with collaborators at public and private hospitals across Melbourne, a program to collect tissue and data samples is being developed, with an initial plan to correlate clinical outcomes and organoid response to various agents. Prospective studies are planned where organoid drug sensitivity testing will be used guide clinical decision making. Sensitivity testing will also inform ‘off label’ use of available agents and to select for investigational agents.

Team members: Belinda Lee and Margaret Lee are leading the clinical aspects of this project. This is a collaborative effort involving multiple Institute scientists including Antony Burgess, Tracy Putoczski and Oliver Seiber. Supported by Project Manager Helen Brasier. 

Registry based randomized controlled trials (multiple)

Supported by the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC), we have initiated randomized studies in multiple cancer types (colorectal, pancreas and brain) that are comparing accepted standards of care with emerging standards of care that utilize available therapies. In each instance all treatment and outcome data is being captured in an existing cancer registry and studies are being managed by the Institute and conducted across multiple VCCC hospitals and beyond.

Team members: Registry randomized controlled trials are being led by Hui Li Wong (colorectal), Belinda Lee (pancreas), and Lucy Gately (brain).