Dr Rory Bowden

Dr Rory Bowden



Dr Rory Bowden photographed smiling at the camera



BSc (Hons) Adel PhD Cantab Dip App Stats Oxon

Genomics Laboratory Head and Centre Manager, WEHI Advanced Genomics Facility

Lab focus: Whole-organism, pathogen, cellular (single-cell) and high-throughput functional genomics 

'Genomics' is the study of the instruction book of life, or genome, of every organism. Genomics encompasses the measurement of all forms of genetic material (RNA and DNA) as it is passed from one individual to another and expressed to give each cell and tissue its unique character. Genomics includes the study of organisms, populations and collections of thousands of individual cells as they develop, function and reproduce, in health and disease.  

The Bowden Laboratory is interested in improving how we study genomes and their organisation and expression, focusing particularly on infection, the study of individual cells, and ways to exploit DNA sequencing to develop new treatments for disease. 

Our laboratory hosts the WEHI Genomics facility. We support WEHI in accessing all forms of genomics technology, through a comprehensive suite of advanced preparation platforms and sequencing technologies, and a dynamic R&D program that matches WEHI’s areas of scientific focus. 

Research interest

The Genomics Laboratory implements advanced genomics technologies, seeking the most effective ways to prepare biological samples for sequencing on our Illumina, MGI, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore platforms. 

Members of the Bowden Laboratory are expert in: 

  • new and established sequencing technologies 
  • pathogen sequencing and interrogating host-pathogen interactions 
  • single-cell and spatial genomics and “multi-omics” 
  • highly multiplexed sequencing 
  • high-throughput functional genomics 
  • high-throughput assays using iPSC and cellular/organoid models for disease 

Our team enables genomics-based discovery through collaboration. WEHI’s 2021-2025 Genomics Strategic plan provides for the expansion of the Institute’s genomics capability in enhanced service, collaboration and R&D. We are focused on institutional provision, extensive collaboration and selected external partnerships centred in Parkville.