Dr Simon Chatfield

Dr Simon Chatfield



Dr Simon Chatfield in the lab



MBBS Melbourne FRACP

PhD Student


I am a rheumatologist studying how immune cells cause inflammation in inflammatory arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis and gout.  I am investigating the ways these cells die and how differences in cell death might contribute to the prolonged and inappropriate inflammation seen in these chronic joint diseases.
I study inflammatory immune cells from the blood of healthy people and from the blood and joints of patients with arthritis. I am seeking insights into the processes leading to arthritis. My ultimate goal is to find better tests and treatments for people with these painful and disabling conditions. 

Research interest

My current research project is focused on: 

  • Understanding the triggers and modifiers of cell death in inflammatory cells, in particular neutrophils.
  • Studying the responses of these cells to triggers relevant to the development of inflammatory arthritis using novel microscopy techniques through the institute’s Centre of Dynamic Imaging.
  • Measuring cell death responses in patients with arthritis as a potential biomarker of disease activity, treatment response and to serve as a potential stratifier of treatment choices

This project is part of a broader initiative to collect patient blood and joint samples through The Royal Melbourne Hospital Arthritis Tissue Bank which I coordinate and curate. The Tissue Bank has facilitated my research and also a number of other projects both within and outside The Royal Melbourne Hospital and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.