Associate Professor Sumitra Ananda

Associate Professor Sumitra Ananda



Associate Professor Sumitra Ananda at the Institute


Associate Professor


Clinical Research Fellow

I am a medical oncologist with interests in gynaecological and gastrointestinal cancers.

I am committed to providing research-focused best-evidence patient care whilst also conducting high quality clinical and translational research. 

Research interest

My research interests are in translational medicine in gynaecological and gastrointestinal cancers. I am lead investigator for a biomarker-driven clinical trial exploring the role of circulating tumour DNA as a marker of minimal residual disease in ovarian cancer. I am also involved in the colorectal and pancreatic cancer research programs at the Institute.

I have a keen interest in cancer registries and registry trials and am on the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Steering Committee for Registry Trials.

A particular focus has been on exploring the impact of National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in colorectal cancer. I am also interested in personalising cancer medicine for all patients and am involved in the Precision Medicine Steering Committee as well.

I am actively involved in being the principal investigator on numerous clinical trials (Phase I-III) using novel biomarkers, and new cancer therapeutic agents including immunotherapy and other targeted agents to improve cancer treatment.

Two female researchers outside a laboratory

Clinician scientists Associate Professor Jeanne Tie and Associate Professor Sumitra Ananda are leading trials of a blood test to guide cancer treatment after surgery.