Professor Terry Speed

Professor Terry Speed



Terry Speed



BSc (Hons) Melbourne PhD DipEd Monash Hon DSc UWA

Laboratory Head


The people in my lab consult and collaborate with medical researchers in the institute and elsewhere in Melbourne and Australia on the analysis of their molecular data. We also develop new methods for analysing such data.

My lab has a particular focus on molecular data collected by cancer researchers, but we also work with scientists who study immune and infectious diseases, and those who do research on basic biomedical science.

Research interest

Our research interests are broad, but include the statistical and bioinformatic analysis of microarray, DNA sequence and mass spectrometry data from genetics, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

We work with molecular data at several different levels, from the lowest level where the data come directly from the instruments that generate it, up to the tasks of data integration, and of relating molecular to clinical data. Technologies that generate molecular data are constantly evolving, so that we are always presented with novel challenges.