Coeliac disease clinical studies

Coeliac disease clinical studies

Gloved hands taking blood from a clinical patient
Our researchers are leading clinical studies into coeliac disease.

Our researchers are conducting a range of clinical studies which include:

  • Investigating how gluten affects the immune system in adults and children with coeliac disease.
  • Developing new genetic and immune approaches to diagnosing coeliac disease
  • Investigating differences between gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease.
  • Understanding how gluten causes symptoms and how they can be treated.
  • Determining the safety of oats consumption in coeliac disease.

These studies involve volunteers with coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity and healthy volunteers. Members of the public can participate, subject to meeting eligibility requirements.

To find out more about these studies, please email or phone 03 9345 2300 and leave a message.

Coeliac disease vaccine

Patients who are interested in partaking in the Melbourne-based Phase 2 trial of Nexvax2® (RESET CeD) for the treatment of coeliac disease are invited to visit the Royal Melbourne Hospital website or contact the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s coeliac team at  

For a list of sites offering the trial in Australia please visit the Coeliac Australia website.

Dr Jason Tye-Din with clinical patient

More than half of Australians have genetic risk factors for developing coeliac disease