Control of cytokine signaling by SOCS1

Control of cytokine signaling by SOCS1

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Cytokine signaling is the linchpin of cell-to-cell communication, controlling inflammation, and cell division and differentiation. SOCS (Suppressor Of Cytokine Signaling) proteins are vital negative regulators that dampen the signaling pathways, and offer an intriguing handle to control cytokine signaling in human disease. SOCS proteins are expressed in response to cytokine signaling, bind to activated cytokine receptors, and trigger degradation of the receptor complex as well as directly blocking kinase activity.

We have recently developed new tools which will allow you to study SOCS1 in its native environment. You will be researching the biology of SOCS1 in primary macrophages using microscopy and proteomics, as well as exploring the inhibition of SOCS1 to improve cancer treatment.

About our research group

The Nicholson Lab has a long-standing interest in cytokine signaling in general and SOCS proteins in particular. Our core expertise is modelling cytokine signaling in cells, and we work collaboratively as part of a larger interdisciplinary team at the Institute. In addition to biochemistry and microscopy, we are working closely with structural biologists, proteomics experts, chemists, the compound screening facility, and Pharma to push the boundaries of SOCS protein biology, and to develop treatments targeting SOCS proteins for cancer treatment.

In case of future lockdowns during 2021, we will endeavour to give our students as much access to the labs as possible, and if necessary, will provide ways for them to progress their project through dry lab research. 


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Dr Colin Hockings
Inflammation division
Karen Doggett in her office
Epigenetics and Development division

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