Discovering novel paradigms to cure viral and bacterial infections

Discovering novel paradigms to cure viral and bacterial infections

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We discover and apply new paradigms to create therapeutic platforms that can cure infections across the spectrum of viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens.  

Student projects are available spanning the areas of discovery biology, preclinical testing and development and translational clinical trials. Students will learn to apply cutting edge technologies such as CRISPR gene-editing screens in conjunction with the National Drug Discovery Centre, human organoids, imaging and novel preclinical models utilising level 2 and 3 containment facilities.  

A a deep understanding of host cell molecular pathways and host-pathogen interactions will be acquired. The goal of our studies are to develop fundamentally novel ways of treating infections that pose the greatest threat to our health with a specific focus on antimicrobial resistance. 

About our research group

Our laboratory is comprised of students, postdoctoral scientists infectious diseases physicians and other specialists. This array of scientists allows us to progress basic discoveries all the way through to clinical trials.  

All students are well supported by this network of scientists who will introduce students to human diseases, new technologies and analytical methods. We have collaborations across Australia and Internationally with The Doherty Institute, Melbourne Health, USCF (USA),  ONPRC (USA), Genentech and AbbVie. Examples of work published by our students are provided below. 

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Image of macrophage blebbing
A macrophage blebbing (centre top) infected with Leishmania donavani (red)
is induced to kill itself and the invading parasite offering a potential therapy for this infection.



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Professor Marc Pellegrini

Professor Marc Pellegrini in the lab
Joint Division Head
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Infectious Diseases and Immune Defence
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Infectious Diseases and Immune Defence division

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