Generation of cytokine antagonists

Generation of cytokine antagonists

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Cytokines are small proteins that facilitate communication between different cell populations. In disease, they can promote the onset and progression of a range of pathologies. We will generate variants of cytokines that block the activation of downstream signalling pathways, with the aim of developing new therapeutics for a range of diseases. 

In this project we will use a range of biochemical and structural biology techniques to generate and characterise a suite of novel cytokine antagonists. This will be coupled to validation of the biological activity of the antagonists and characterisation of their therapeutic responses in vitro. 


About our research group

This is a highly collaborative project, taking advantage of the skills developed by a team of scientists with expertise in structural biology, cell biology, and the development of biologics for clinical use. The student and project will benefit from collaborations with the Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne.  

The Putoczki laboratory is focused on understanding how soluble molecules called cytokines influence the growth and spread of cancer. 

The Griffin laboratory (Bio21) studies functional and mis-functional protein-protein interactions, with a particular interest in the interleukin-11 cytokine receptor.



Dr Tracy Putoczki

Dr Tracy Putoczki in a laboratory
Laboratory Head
Bio21, University of Melbourne

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