How platelets prevent neonatal stroke

How platelets prevent neonatal stroke

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Our project aims to look at platelets and how they prevent stroke in babies. Platelets are cell fragments released by bone marrow megakaryocytes.  Clotting is a well know role of platelets in preventing excessive bleeding and recently platelets are thought to play roles in cancer and inflammation. We are interested in the role platelets play in preventing brain bleeds through development.  We have recently published work showing platelets play an essential role in preventing bleeds in the brain in neonates but how they do this is not understood. 

This project will investigate how platelets interact with brain blood vessels to prevent bleeding. This project will use advanced imaging, flow cytometry, and molecular techniques, giving a wide range of technical expertise is a clinically relevant project. 


Farley A., Lloyd S., Dayton M., Biden C., Stenhouse O., Taoudi S. (2021) Severe thrombocytopenia is sufficient for fetal and neonatal intra-cerebral haemorrhage to occur.  Blood.  

About our research group

Our group is fascinated by megakaryocytes and their platelet progeny.  We have recently defined the predominant way megakaryocytes release platelets into the circulating blood system.  Our lab is defining how this mechanism occurs and how we can make megakaryocytes produce platelets in a dish that could lead to better production of platelets for treatment and drug studies.   

Our lab has been very successful in using advanced imaging techniques to address our research questions alongside the world class imaging facility at WEHI. The project being offered will involve the latest imaging techniques and analysis programs.  

We are a small group (two postdocs and one student) that work closely together being very successful publishing recently in several high impact journals. 


Potts K.S., Farley A., Dawson C.A., Rimes J, Biben C, de Graaf C, Potts MA, Stonehouse O.J., Carmagnac A, Gangatirkar P et al. (2020) Membrane budding is a major mechanism of in vivo platelet biogenesis. J Exp Med.  


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Dr Samir Taoudi

Dr Samir Taoudi
Laboratory Head
Dr Alison Farley
Epigenetics and Development division

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