Molecular mechanisms controlling embryonic lung progenitor cells

Molecular mechanisms controlling embryonic lung progenitor cells

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Understanding morphogenesis of the embryonic lung and molecular events that drive stemness and cell differentiation is instrumental to develop strategies to stimulate lung maturation in pre-term infants. Stem cells that drive lung growth and differentiation have only recently been identified. The molecular events regulating these cells during different phases of development remain undefined.

This research project aims to define molecular mechanisms that maintain stem cell activity during elongation of the lung branches and are switched off for cell differentiation in the late phase of lung development. Experimental approaches will include comprehensive genomic analyses of rare cell populations, 3-dimension fluorescent microscopy, single cell sequencing studies to map distinct cell characteristics and detect cell trajectories during lung maturation.

About our research group

The Asselin-Labat laboratory is interested in studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying lung development, lung cancer formation and therapeutic response. We combine our expertise in tissue-specific stem cells and lung pathology to decipher pathways disrupted in respiratory diseases in the infant and the adult. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to research and collaborate closely with geneticists, computational biologists and respiratory physicians.


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